I have many more writing samples available upon request that showcase my writing skills for blogs, academia, magazines, religion, and social media. The following examples are more recent, highlighting both my short- and long-form abilities in web marketing communications. All samples come from my current position as associate content editor at Adobe.

Sample 1

Sample 1 is a recent blog post I ghostwrote. The goal was to position Adobe as a leader in this new idea of content supply chains, while highlighting our own journey with getting one implemented.

Sample 2

Sample 2 is a guide I wrote for the Adobe Workfront team. The goal was to introduce the idea of collaborative work management while positioning Workfront as the leading solution to help people succeed with it. This piece showcases my ability to blend technical, informational language with a relatable, human tone.

Sample 3

Sample 3 is a suite of web pages that display the details and features of Adobe Experience Platform. To successfully write these pages, I had to quickly learn about brand-new products and services and then build out each page.

Sample 4

Sample 4 is another suite of pages displaying information and value of Adobe Primetime, an Adobe product. For this as well I needed to meet with subject matter experts to obtain the necessary knowledge so that I could create effective, engaging copy.

Sample 5

Sample 5 is yet another suite of web pages, this time about the value and power of Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine-learning technology. I worked closely with product managers to weave the correct messaging into the stories of these pages.

Sample 6

Sample 6 is an article I wrote for Adobe discussing the value of integrating three of their products—Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Advertising Cloud. I interviewed several people in preparation for this article, learning as much as I could about the products.

Sample 7

Sample 7 is a demand article I wrote as part of my role at Adobe. It is geared toward the high-tech industry and showcases the capabilities of a digital marketing platform. It’s a good example of my ability to write according to a specific tone and voice.

Sample 8

Sample 8 is another Adobe article I wrote, this time advertising Adobe Campaign. It captures my ability to write a compelling story with a focused purpose.
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