As part of my master’s program, I’ve created several mockups of marketing materials, including plans, strategies, and presentations. I’ve collected a few of them here.

Sample 1

This is a campaign plan and marketing strategy for the Flipz brand, where the goal was to position Flipz as a snack leader even among healthier options and win back customers who had left the brand. Looking back, I think I leaned too much on the bright blue and yellow colors of the brand — but I’m still pleased with the content and the work I put into this project.

Sample 2

This was a team project to reposition The Park Hotels brand, a 5-star boutique hotel chain, to invigorate its standing among both consumers and competitors. While I had input in the entire project, I focused on the insights, portfolio strategy, and consistency. (Note: I did edit the copy for this project, but I didn’t receive the final version. So I posted this version as it captures the marketing work over the writing work.)

Sample 3

This is another team project, this time with the goal to generate a big idea for a certain brand. We chose Facebook since it’s facing a lot of problems currently, and we built a campaign around that idea.

Sample 4

This is a personal project, outlining the complete design and marketing strategy for a hypothetical Netflix product extension called “Gameflix.” It outlines brand guidelines, design and creative guidelines, and a marketing plan.

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