Though I am not a designer by trade, I do appreciate good design. And I have basic skills that have allowed me to create a few projects. I maintain a basic knowledge of core Adobe Creative Cloud software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and XD. I’m also familiar with Canva tools. Below are a few of the things I’ve created.

Sample 1

Sample 1 is the cover of the issue of Stowaway Magazine for which I was the associate managing editor. I was tasked with designing the cover. This example specifically highlights my ability to use a consistent color palette and to create a cohesive and attractive magazine cover.

Sample 2

Sample 2 is the magazine spread for my feature article in the fall 2017 issue of Stowaway Magazine. In this article, I wanted to portray the city of Boston as a symbol of strength, and my design elements are meant to enhance that message. I also wrote the article if you’re interested in a magazine writing sample of mine.

Sample 3

Sample 3 is a one-page article I wrote for Stowaway Magazine. I wanted the design to match the tone and content of the article, and with the limited space I had, I feel like I was successful. The image matches the content, while the title and title font match the tone. It also matches the overall tone and design of the magazine as a whole.

Sample 4

Sample 4 is a proposal I worked on with two other people for our professional writing class. As part of the assignment, we were expected to create a visually appealing design. I took charge of the design, and I used Canva to format the proposal as well as to create a logo for our mock consulting agency, Arisoph. This is another good example of my design skills as it exhibits my adherence to consistency, alignment, repetition, and proximity.

Sample 5

Sample 5 is a technical description I created for this particular camera. It is a good example of my ability to use InDesign to create attractive and usable technical documents. It also captures my experience applying consistent themes to my designs.

Sample 6

Sample 6 is an invitation I designed for my wife’s friend, who was having a bridal shower. This design shows my ability to capture the tone and feel of a party and communicate it consistently in the invitation. Due to privacy, I have changed all names, numbers, and addresses from the original design.

Sample 7

Sample 7 is an invitation I created for my son’s first birthday party. We wanted the invitation to clearly communicate our theme, which was vintage airplanes and flight. Again, I have changed the name and address from the original for privacy’s sake.

Design Philosophy

I’m an avid believer in inclusive design, meaning that content and UX should be designed so that all people can easily access and enjoy it. And be inspired by it. At Adobe, I’m constantly working with people of all abilities and backgrounds in mind, always with the goal of creating the best experience possible. For everyone.